We manage and represent New Faces for Runway, Editorial, Commercials, fitness industry, pageants and Advertising Campaigns. We also have a specialist section providing Hair and Make-up Artists.

    Our Services

    Promotional Models

    We train and groom promotional models who drive consumer demand for a product, service, brand, or concept by directly interacting with potential customers.

    Brand Ambassadors

    We train Corporate brand Ambassadors who can represent an organization or company in a positive light professionally hence increasing brand awareness and sales.

    Editorial Models

    We provide models to our clients who run editorial pieces from magazines and press, giving them a fantastic and professional representation.

    Commercial Models

    CMA provides models and actors for many brands. You will see our talented people in TV commercials, on billboards, as voice over artists and on websites of every shade.

    Petite Models

    We represent β€œsmaller” models who are below 5’7” and there is a huge potential for the more petite models to create a thriving career especially in the TV industry.

    Runway Models

    We offer a wide variety of high quality runway talent suitable for your next runway event. Choose from male, female, children, exotic looks, heights and sizes!

    Pageant Coaching

    Whether you have experience or are completely new to the industry! The course will put you at ease before your pageant and will ensure that you know exactly what you are doing.

    Plus Size Models

    ------------------------------------------------------------------ We represent plus size and curvy models who have the edge for TV commercials, fashion, catwalk shows and all media publications.

    Sports & Fitness Models

    We represent sports & fitness models who are highly skilled in their sport, have impeccable body definition and muscle tone, and can precisely execute technical skills required for the sport.


    Cavalli Modeling Agency is always on a lookout for the stars of tomorrow. If you want to become a model register now for professional advice and practical help getting started.

    Featured Models

    • Ashaba Gabito

      Ashaba Gabito

    • Denise Menya

      Denise Menya

    • Katusiime Marian

      Katusiime Marian

    • Elizabeth Katete

      Elizabeth Katete

    • Miski Sheilah

      Miski Sheilah

    • Oematum Ephraim Felix

      Oematum Ephraim Felix

    • Alinda Debora

      Alinda Debora

    • Cynthia Kengaju

      Cynthia Kengaju

    • Charlaynne Zoey

      Charlaynne Zoey

    • Gama Romario

      Gama Romario

    • Musiime Samantha

      Musiime Samantha

    • Sharon Johnson

      Sharon Johnson

    • Muhamed Kizito

      Muhamed Kizito

    • Marie-Elen Odimba

      Marie-Elen Odimba

    • Kalule Fahad

      Kalule Fahad

    • Nabyonga Louise

      Nabyonga Louise

    • Tusiime Mark

      Tusiime Mark

    • Naigaga Agatha

      Naigaga Agatha

    • Praise Magezi Jemina

      Praise Magezi Jemina

    • Collins Micheal Mbulakyalo

      Collins Micheal Mbulakyalo

    • Mirembe Sophia

      Mirembe Sophia

    • Katondwaki Natasha Umwiza

      Katondwaki Natasha Umwiza

    • Davis Turyasingura

      Davis Turyasingura

    • Charlene Yemmah

      Charlene Yemmah

    • Hildah